SNMP Custom Data Collection

Dear JDisc friends, first of all I wish everybody a happy new year 2021! JDisc Discovery supports since its beginnings the collection of custom attributes via scripts and reading registry keys. The custom attribute data collection is often used by customers to collect information that JDisc Discovery does not collect out-of-the-box. However, some customers requested[...]
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LLDP-MED – Improved Discovery

Network traffic generated by the discovery
Dear JDisc friends,JDisc Discovery uses a lot of different protocols and techniques to identify as many devices on the network as possible. A customer notified us that there is a protocol that is named LLDP-MED (LLDP – Media Endpoint Devices). LLDP-MED is an extension of the frequently used LLDP protocol on many switches to exchange[...]
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WLAN SSID Filtering

Dear JDisc friends, JDisc Discovery detects wireless LANs and access points since quite a while. Whenever you scan a Windows or MAC computer with a wireless LAN card, then we are getting the list of available WLANs (SSIDs) together with their access points. However you might get unwanted wireless lans into your list depending on[...]
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Virtual Datacenters

Dear JDisc friends, besides adding new devices, we are always working on larger enhancements and changes. This time we are working on virtualization. So far, JDisc Discovery was able to identify a variety of different virtualization technologies. It was detecting the virtual machines running on physical servers and in many cases their clustering. We started[...]
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Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) and Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)

Redundancy is a key concept for protecting critical environments against single points of failures. Server cluster assure the availability of critical applications on the corporate network. However, redundancy doesn’t help if every component of a critical system is designed in a redundant manner. For network infrastructure devices such as switches and routers, there are protocols[...]
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JDisc Discovery 2.8 – Build 2813 – New Features and some Bugfixes

Network Inventory Solution
No one likes to wait for new features or bugfixes. Therefore, JDisc frequently releases minor updates every four to six weeks. This time, the new build includes some bugfixes within the network topology resultion, some  enhancements, that help when dealing with license management projects and the detection of locally attached printers, scanners and card readers.[...]
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Simple ideas are the best – part 2

JDisc Discovery Delete Devices
Again, one of our customers had an idea that easy to implement, but adds a huge benefit. Within our network inventory solution, a user can delete devices from the database. However when you run the discovery again, the device gets discovered again and added to the database. Although it is possible to define IP exclusion[...]
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