JDisc Security Add-On

The JDisc Discovery Security Add-On enhances the JDisc Discovery Core Product with security-related features.

In addition to the core data collection, it scans the following data:

  • Windows shared drives and resources
  • permissions for the shared resources (who can connect to the resource)
  • timestamp when a local user’s password has been changed
  • endpoint security software information (endpoint security software and whether it is enabled or not)
  • for Windows Defender, we collect the signature versions, and when the signatures have been updated
  • firewall configuration (zones and whether they are enabled or not)
  • available remote SSH encryption algorithms and algorithms used for the actual SSH connection

Shared Resources

Get the list of shared resources (drives and printers) for Windows computers together with the connect permissions (which user or user-group has what kind of access).

User Password Details

We collect for Windows and Linux more detailed information about local users’ passwords.  We detect

  • when the password has been changed
  • the password age
  • the password expiration date
  • whether the password expires or not
  • min and max days between password changes

Endpoint Security Software

Get the list of installed endpoint security software and its settings. For Windows defender, we collect detailed information about the signature files:

  • Antispyware signature version
  • Antispyware signature last updated
  • Antivirus signature version
  • Antivirus signature last updated
  • NIS signature version
  • NIS signature last updated
  • NIS engine version
  • flag whether realtime protection is enabled

Firewall Configuration

The Security Add-On collects the firewall zone information for Windows and Linux and whether they are enabled or not.

SSH Security Algorithms

Gets the list of available SSH security algorithms. Identify obsolete and weak encryption algorithms offered by your SSH serves within seconds.

  • available remote SSH cipher algorithms
  • available remote SSH MAC algorithms
  • available remote SSH key-encryption algorithms
  • the actual algorithms used to establish the connection