Track 12: Troubleshooting

In some cases it can happen that you do not receive the expected information. The reason for that might be a firewall that prevents JDisc Discovery from accessing the data or incorrectly configured access credentials. In this case, simply ask the JDisc support team. JDisc Discovery makes it easy for the users to provide the data to our support team.

WBEM/WMI Browser

With the WMI/WBEM Browser the user can view live WBEM or WMI data. These data are very important for JDisc’s support team in case you want us to implement enhancements of JDisc Discovery.

Product Support ZIP

This video explains how to create a product support ZIP file. A product support ZIP is always the choice when the product is not working as expected in general, and if there are issues which are not related to a particular device. The product support ZIP contains all information required by our support team in order to efficiently solve your problem.

Device Support ZIP

This video explains how to create a support ZIP file if there are problems with one or more devices. A device support ZIP file contains all information that our support engineers need to find out why the product is not getting the expected information.