JDisc Dependency Mapping Add-On

Communication paths between computers on a network in multi-tier software systems are difficult to understand.  However, understanding network communication between computers is essential for many migration and consolidation projects. Not understanding the dependencies might lead to unexpected interruptions to users and downtime. JDisc’s Dependency Mapping Add-On finds TCP connections between computers on your network and displays them graphically as dependency maps or using table-based reports.

In addition to finding TCP connections between devices, JDisc Dependency Mapping detects open TCP and UDP ports for many devices connected to the network, thereby enabling simple security audits. For example, devices running a telnet daemon can be identified easily and security leaks can be closed quickly.

TCP/IP Connections and Ports

JDisc’s Dependency Mapping add-on detects:

  • open TCP and UDP ports
  • TCP connections to other devices on the network
  • gets processes listening on a port
  • gets SSL certificates for SSL ports
  • determines the SSL encryption when the security add-on is installed in addition

Graphical Representation of Dependencies

JDisc’s Dependency Mapping add-on offers a graphical representation for TCP connections within your network.

  • Graphically displays TCP connections between devices
  • Allows manual editing of TCP connections
  • Device type and port filters suppress irrelevant connections and devices
  • The hop limit setting can be increased to quickly obtain an overview of all device dependencies on your network