JDisc Networking Add-On

Every network implementation has started with a clear design and concept. However, networks grow as your company grows. New servers get deployed; more laptops get added to the network as new employees join the company. As a consequence, the more devices are added to the network, the harder it becomes to keep track of all the changes and maintain a proper network documentation. Over time, you lose control. Questions like “Which switch port is our database server connected to?” cannot be answered easily anymore. JDisc’s Networking Add-On integrates into the JDisc Discovery Core product and will find the answers!

  • Determines the logical (layer 3) and physical (layer 2) network topology of IP networks and visualizes the topology graphically in a network map
  • Discovers the available WLANs and WLAN access points for Windows and Mac OS computers and integrates them into the network topology. Also the WLAN SSID, signal strength, transmission speed and encryption settings are detected.
  • Creates a configuration backup for Cisco and HP routers and switches and the found installed modules for many routers and switches
  • Discovers VLANs and assigns them to the corresponding switch ports. Filters topology maps by VLANs in order to get a quick overview of all devices within a VLAN
  • Detects redundant router (cluster) configurations such as VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) or HSRP (Host Standby Router Protocol from Cisco)

Network Topology Discovery

The Networking Add-On discovers the network topology and determines the connection between devices and switch ports.

  • Uses CDP, LLDP and port-forwarding information to determine the physical (layer 2) topology
  • Uses the spanning tree protocol to complement the topology
  • Assigns end devices using port-forwarding information
  • Creates physical (layer 2) and logical (layer 3) network topology maps

Configuration File Backup

The configuration file backup for many switches and routers (including HPE and Cisco) creates a backup for a router or switch configuration and maintains a change history.

You can extend the standard configuration file collection by adding additional commands.

Detailed Discovery

The Networking Add-On extends the discovery by:

  • VLAN Discovery
  • WLAN Discovery
  • Identification of modules in routers and switches
  • VRRP and HSRP cluster discovery