Manage Access Credentials in JDisc Discovery

Dear JDisc users, JDisc Discovery requires access credentials to get excellent and complete inventory information. Configuring access credentials can be difficult and, in some cases, dangerous if not used properly. JDisc Discovery uses a variety of protocols and APIs to obtain information, and all of them require credentials. Furthermore, there are different locations where to[...]
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Java Installations and License Risks

Dear JDisc friends, as you might know, Oracle has recently changed its license terms for Java usage. Most people think of the Java virtual machine as free software. However, that was not always true and is definitely not true with Oracle’s recent changes.In the good old days, you just went to the Java page and[...]
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Oracle LMS

software license management
Dear JDisc users, when you are using Oracle database installations, then you are definitely aware of the licensing issues. Oracle’s licensing is pretty complex and complicated. When your company is large enough, then Oracle might announce an Oracle software audit. Companies who have gone through that know, that this is not a fun task. Oracle[...]
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Scanning Devices via a slow network connection? Here is the solution….

slow network
Dear JDisc Discovery friends, the network connection speed can be an issue whenever you are scanning networks that spread over multiple sites. JDisc Discovery scans devices in parallel. The number of concurrent device discoveries can be configured within the discovery configuration dialog. However, this setting is a global one and is valid for all networks[...]
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Getting Snapshot Information for VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix Xen Server

Virtual Machine Snapshots
Dear JDisc friends, we have added a new feature to collect snapshot information for virtual machines. In virtual environments, users can create so called snapshots for their virtual machines. A snapshot saves a virtual machine’s the disk and memory configuration. Later you can revert to a saved snapshot. That makes it easy to revert to[...]
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