JDisc Discovery 2.9 has been released

dependency mapping process mapping
JDisc has released a new version of its network inventory and documentation product JDisc Discovery. We have improved our products in three different areas. A new reporting mode enables IT consulting and service providers to leave a read-only version with the discovered data at the customer at no cost. JDisc extends its device detection with[...]
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VLan Discovery

VLANs are a common technology to provide segmentation for local area networks. Creating different segments contributes to addressing issues such as security or scalability. Network traffic can be separated by VLANs even if devices are connected to the same switch. The switch also assures that broadcast in one VLAN does not get forwarded to other[...]
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JDisc Discovery 2.8 – Build 2813 – New Features and some Bugfixes

Network Inventory Solution
No one likes to wait for new features or bugfixes. Therefore, JDisc frequently releases minor updates every four to six weeks. This time, the new build includes some bugfixes within the network topology resultion, some  enhancements, that help when dealing with license management projects and the detection of locally attached printers, scanners and card readers.[...]
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Simple ideas are the best – part 2

JDisc Discovery Delete Devices
Again, one of our customers had an idea that easy to implement, but adds a huge benefit. Within our network inventory solution, a user can delete devices from the database. However when you run the discovery again, the device gets discovered again and added to the database. Although it is possible to define IP exclusion[...]
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Detecting locally attached Printers and Scanners

Network inventory of locally attached printers and scanners
Recently, we got the question request from a retail company whether or not we could discover their local receipt printers, barcode scanners and pin pads or card readers. Those devices are usually attached to their POS system. Luckily, it turned out that the POS systems are running Microsoft Windows and therefore, we didn’t expect many[...]
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JDisc Discovery 2.8 has been released!

JDisc has released version 2.8 of its network inventory and documentation software. The new release includes as usual support for new devices (Alcatel and some new Cisco switches), but also adds completely new features. This release, we improved the discovery capabilities for Microsoft Active Directory environments. While previous releases had a pretty good support for[...]
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What’s actually the scope for a discovery scan?

The actual scope for a network inventory scan
Especially new users are not fully aware of the power how JDisc finds new addreses to discover. Therefore, newbies often raise the question which parts of the network gets actually discovered and how to influence the discovery scope. How do I exclude parts of the network? How can I exclude devices that I am not[...]
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Simple ideas are the best…

Network inventory of rack servers.
Recently, one of our partners came back from a prospect and asked whether we can discover VMware annotations and custom attributes. On a VMware ESX(i) server, a user can add an annotation for each virtual machine describing its purpose. With VMware vCenter a user can add as many custom attributes to a VM. Custom attributes[...]
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JDisc Discovery 2.7 – Maintenance Update (Build 2704)

Network Documentation with JDisc Discovery
JDisc uses an agile development methodology. Therefore, we release new versions every four to six weeks. This has major advantages for our customers, because they get new features or bugfixes quickly and of course it helps us to get early feedback for new features. And this release is not an exception. Our new build is[...]
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