Collecting IP Configuration

Dear JDisc friends,

upon customer request, we have enhanced the data collection to gather IP configuration data. The upcoming build will get information about the IP configuration for each network interface. The IP configuration information includes

  • DHCP server configuration including lease start and lease expiration date
  • configured DNS servers together with the DNS suffix search order
  • default gateway configuration

JDisc Discovery has expanded its network-related reports with a new IP configuration report which is available for each device.

IP Configuration Report for a Single Device
IP Configuration Report for a Single Device

Furthermore, there are new built-in reports that list all DNS servers, default gateways and DHCP servers together with the number of clients connected to the servers.

New built-in Reports
New built-in Reports

And of course, you will be able to select this information within the custom report section.

Hope you like this new feature and find it useful. This feature will be part of build 5021.


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Thomas Trenz
I own and manage JDisc and its network inventory and discovery products. Before I started JDisc, I worked quite a long time for Hewlett-Packard developing software for network assessments and inventory projects. Feel free to contact me on Linked-In or Xing.

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