Discovery for Software Bill of Material (SBOM)

Discovery for SBOM
The concept of a bill of material comes originally from manufacturing where you have a plan of the piece of hardware on which you list all parts needed to construct and build the asset. A software bill of materials (SBOM) is the same just for software, a list of all components that make up a[...]
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Data Quality in Discovery

Data quality for discovery
The quality of data one gets out of a discovery process is extremely important for everything one does with that data. Bad data means bad decisions and acceptance for systems making use of the data. Examples we saw in the articles and videos on CMDB integration and security process and operations were always stressing this[...]
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Discovery for Operational Security & Audits

Disocvery for Operational Security
In this second blog post on the role of discovery for security, we will focus on operational security (OpSec), that is the security activities in the phase when the product or system is in operation and use. We assume, that all supporting assets of the system have been deployed and secured as planned in the[...]
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Discovery for Security Processes

Discovery in Security Process
Beyond integration into CMDB, there are many other areas, where discovery can be of immense value. One such pretty unknown area is It security.Discovery as part of ITIL asset management is also a foundation building block for security. In this first part of two videos regarding security use cases for discovery, we look at how[...]
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New Series of Use Case Videos

We start a new series of videos on our JDisc Youtube channel on different use cases, where discovery plays an integral role. These videos should serve as a source of inspiration of how important it is to know what you got in an IT environment, the so called IT asset management. We begin with a[...]
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