Why the heck is that device failing?

Compare devices from within our network documentation solution JDisc Discovery
Dear JDisc friends, did you ever find yourself in the situation that one of your devices is not working correctly and you ask yourself: “Why the heck is that device failing, while others work properly? I swear, there is nothing different to other devices working properly!”? In most cases, the reason is that you think[...]
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Hidden Treasures – Part 1

Rule based suggestions for an improved discovery result
Dear JDisc friends, we think, that JDisc Discovery is a pretty cool network documentation product. I will present with “Hidden Treasures” some not so well known features within this blog and I hope that it’ll help to maximize the value created by JDisc. Starting a network inventory project is usually an iterative process. You start[...]
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Welcome to the JDisc Discovery Development Blog…

Hello, I’d like to welcome you to my JDisc Discovery blog. The purpose of this blog is to exchange information and ideas around the topic automated network inventory and network documentation. Most of the new exciting features in JDisc Discovery have been developed in close cooperation with out clients. Collaboration is the key for our[...]
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