Why the heck is that device failing?

Compare devices from within our network documentation solution JDisc Discovery

Dear JDisc friends,

did you ever find yourself in the situation that one of your devices is not working correctly and you ask yourself: “Why the heck is that device failing, while others work properly? I swear, there is nothing different to other devices working properly!”?

In most cases, the reason is that you think they have the same configuration, but they actually don’t! There might be differences that are not that obvious and hidden deeply within configuration dialogs. Therefore, we are currently adding on a new feature to compare two devices and highlight the changes. The feature becomes part of the JDisc Discovery core product and all our customers with a valid support contract can benefit from the update.

As usual, we always try to keep the user interface as intuitive and simple as possible. In order to get the changes between two deivces, simply select two devices and choose the new device comparison option from the context menu.

Compare devices from within our network documentation solution JDisc Discovery

That will open the device details dialog in comparison mode. Changes get highlighted by different colors. Sections in red indicate the the text has been removed when comparing the first with the second device. Sections in green indicate, that text has been added when comparing two devices.

Compare devices with the network documentation solution "JDisc Discovery"

This feature will make it into one of the builds coming the next weeks.It will enable you to isolate driver or application differences between two computers quickly!

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