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Laptop with statistics imageHello JDisc Friends,

With our JDisc Discovery built-in reports and your custom reports, you have achieved a very good understanding of your IT landscape. But is it enough?

In order to help you in this direction, we have just implemented in our new Web UI the overview dashboard. In this dashboard, it is possible to create your own charts by utilizing your report data.

Overview Dashboard
Overview dashboard

From Release 5434 onwards, the overview dashboard includes some default charts. The default charts can be removed or edited at your will. New charts can also be created by using the new chart wizard.

Overview Dashboard Charts
New chart item wizard

For the first release, only a subset of the built-in reports are included. However, we will include more and more reports in the next releases. Additionally, new features will also be included, such as:

  • Sharing custom dashboards between users
  • Additional chart types
  • More configuration options
  • etc.

Do you like this new feature? Just download and install our latest Release and try it out!

Do you have any suggestions? Do you have some ideas that you would like to be implemented? We are always happy to hear your feedback; either positive or negative.



About The Author

Sotiris Zdragkas
I am software engineer at JDisc, working primarily on the design and implementation of the new Web UI. Before I started at JDisc, I have been developing software for complex and distributed systems for many years in the automotive industry. Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.

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