New Feature: Autodesk Software License Detection


Hello JDisc friends,

similar to the last topic about software license management, I would like to introduce a new feature that has been developed under the Christmas tree :-).

Starting with release 3.2 build 3207, we do collect software license information for Autodesk software. Martin Thompson from the ITAM review has published a nice article about Autodesk audits. The new feature enables customers and consulting companies to get the raw information for an Autodesk audit.

The network documentation tool JDisc Discovery collects the Autodesk serial number, the installed product and version, and the license type (standalone, network, evaluation, …).

The feature was inspired by a contact within a company that is specialized in software license management. After having a quick look on how to collect the information, it turned out, that is was not really difficult and straightforward to implement.

If you’re interested in getting Autodesk license information, then download and install the latest JDisc Discovery build!

Now, I am going to be offline for the rest of the year and maybe tomorrow, I’ll be offline as well 🙂

See ya in 2015!

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Thomas Trenz
I own and manage JDisc and its network inventory and discovery products. Before I started JDisc, I worked quite a long time for Hewlett-Packard developing software for network assessments and inventory projects. Feel free to contact me on Linked-In or Xing.

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