New Logo, New Web Site, New Release, New Licensing Schema

NewWebPageDear JDisc friends,

our company exists now for more than 5 years and some things didn’t change as much as we would have liked them to change. Our WEB page is one of the things that we always wanted to modernize, but that always had a lower priority than new features, releases, and projects.

1. WEB Page

However, in April we decided to create a more modern-looking and technically up-to-date web presence. The new web presence has several new features:

  • Social media buttons that bring you directly to our social media platforms. Register here to follow us on Twitter.
  • Newsletter registration and deregistration for our quarterly newsletter
  • A new price calculator reflecting the new pricing schema

2. New Pricing Schema

So far, JDisc offered three different editions for three customer segments. This has been radically changed. The editions are history and are replaced by a credits schema. We introduced a tiering for different device types:

  • Tier 3: Unix computers (HP-UX, Solaris, AIX)
  • Tier 2: Linux, VMware, MAC OS X, and Citrix XenServer
  • Tier 1: Windows computers, switches, and routers
  • Base tier: All remaining (mostly SNMP-based) devices such as networked printers, multifunctional devices and others

Each tier has a credit count assigned that defines how many credits you need to purchase in order to scan such as a device. Of course, Unix computers require more credits than ordinary Windows computers. Once you have an estimate, of how many devices fall into each tier category, then you can calculate a total credit count which then leads to the total price for the installation.

Check out the new pricing and licensing options.

We believe, that this model fits better to our customers, than the model before and we are looking forward to your feedback.

3. New License Type: Annual Subscription

JDisc offered so far two license types. The perpetual license is designed for users that would like to use the software permanently. The project license is made for IT service providers and consulting companies. Those users normally use the product only for the project duration.

We have added the Annual Subscription as a third license type for users who would like to pay for the software usage over multiple years.

4. New JDisc Discovery Version

Of course, all those changes do not come without a new major JDisc Discovery release. The major change for the new release is the new licensing. However, as usual, we’ve added a lot of new devices and other features to our version 3.2.

Check out the development news.

  • New licensing schema
  • New Java Version (Java 8)
  • F5 Load balancer discovery scans load balancer pools and the pool members
  • Improved HTTP/HTTPS protocol-based discovery
  • VMware ESX/Citrix XenServer operating system detection via HTTP/HTTPS
  • HP Blade server discovery
  • Windows 10 preview detection added.

We hope that you like the new web page, the new licensing, and our new product version.

About The Author

Thomas Trenz
I own and manage JDisc and its network inventory and discovery products. Before I started JDisc, I worked quite a long time for Hewlett-Packard developing software for network assessments and inventory projects. Feel free to contact me on Linked-In or Xing.

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