JDisc Discovery

Ihre Netzwerk Discovery

JDisc Discovery durchkämmt Ihr Netzwerk und erstellt eine detaillierte Inventur all Ihrer Geräte – von Home Automation bis zu komplexen Rechenzentrums Hardware.


Wir möchten mit unserer Software Ihre Probleme lösen!

Darum unterstützen wir Sie während der Testphase mit Videos, FAQs und auch kostenloser Online Beratung via Screensharing.

No Limits

Unsere Vision ist es möglichst alle Geräte in Ihrem Netzwerk zu identifizieren. Wir beschränken uns dabei nicht auf bestimmte Hersteller, Gerätetypen oder Betriebssysteme. Egal ob Kameras, Laptops oder größere Rechenzentren… Wir wollen alles erkennen!

Schnelle Ergebnisse

Unsere Lösung ist auf schnelle Ergebnisse optimiert. Es ist einfach zu installieren (keine extra Datenbank- oder WEB Server Installation benötigt). Spezialisierte Wizards helfen bei der initialen Konfiguration und erste Scanerbebnisse zeigen sich schon nach wenigen Minuten.

So profitieren unsere Kunden von JDisc Discovery

Jederzeit aktuelle IT Dokumentation

JDisc Discovery gibt Ihnen alle Daten über Ihre IT Assets und deren Beziehungen. Damit haben Ihre IT Projekte wie Rechenzentrums-Migration, OS Upgrades oder Hardware Austausch eine solide Basis.

CMDB Synchronisation

Aktualisieren Sie Ihre CMDB (Configuration Management Database) mit aktuellen Daten. Nichts ist schlimmer, als wenn Ihre IT Projekte auf falschen oder veralteten Daten basieren!


Eine vollständige IT Inventarisierung ist der Schlüssel um Sicherheitslücken zu identifizieren und zu schließen:
  • erkennt ungepatchte Laptops oder Server
  • Nutzung von nicht authorisierter Software
  • findet Betriebssysteme, die nicht mehr supported werden
  • Identifizierung von Shadow IT

Unser Ansatz

Firmen und deren Organisationen erwarten Transparenz und Kosteneffizienz von ihrer IT.

JDisc hilft IT Abteilungen, IT Dienstleistern und Beratungsfirmen mit einer akkuraten und aktuellen IT Dokumentation. Wir unterstützen alle relevanten Betriebssysteme und Geräte unabhängig vom Hersteller.

Wir sind ein kleines Team von motivierten Netzwerk Spezialisten und Software Entwicklern

Wir lieben, was wir tun.

Wir fokussieren uns auf unsere Stärke: Excellente ITSM Software Produkte zu entwickeln

Testen Sie unsere Software ausgiebig, bevor Sie bestellen!

Wir sind bei der Evaluierung immer für Sie da - natürlich ohne weitere Kosten für Sie!

Wir haben für jeden die richtigen Lizenz!


Wir bieten den passenden Lizenztyp für jeden Einsatzzweck. Kontaktieren Sie unseren Verkaufsteam, falls Sie weiter Fragen haben.

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Permanent Lizenz

  • Zeitlich unbegrenzt
  • Einmalige Lizenzzahlung
  • Optionaler Support Vertrag


  • Jährliche Nutzungsgebühr
  • Kostenlose Upgrades
  • Support ist enhalten


  • 7 Tage Laufzeit
  • Scanne kleine Umgebungen
  • Support enthalten

Was unsere Kunden über uns sagen

Tautvydas G.
Tautvydas G.
Very good product for afordable price. We use a JDisc discovery for (now mostly infrastructure) asset tracking at our clients premises. And we have over 30 installations and counting. ☺We chose JDisc as an discovery tool, because it is agentless, it has "native integration" with our CMDB system and really extensive device and software recognition database and discovery protocols available. All that for a really good price. We use their "Networking add-on" to have a "big-picture" on our network topologies. Notable features like PAM/password manager integrations adds up to the security and usability of the product. It has custom reporting and even Custom discovery scripts if You need it. The support is supper responsive and with deep knowledge in the field, new "unknown" devices could be added just "on request". All that is needed for this task is already in the app. "Builds" are coming on a weekly intervals adding support for new features and new devices . ☹The biggest drawback is kind of clumsy install and update process of software. As it uses .NET libraries to be able to provide Windows device discovery it is Windows "Server and Client" architecture software. So for those already used to "git pull" it will be nightmare. Install/config through installer takes up to 30 min depending on "hardware" and even minor build update is actually full reinstall of application. Don't expect to be on a "latest" build if You have more than 1 installation.
Jochen M.
Jochen M.
Now it is already 11 years that we work together we have been working together for 11 years now. It is very constructive, innovative and always at eye level. ☺Reliability, easy to install, high depth of information. Very good and competent exchange with colleagues from JDISC. Adheres to agreements. Simply a good partnership ☹I can't think of anything, except that the web frontend is not ready yet 😉
Philippe B.
Philippe B.
Fast Reporting and Inventory Tool ☺-The support reacts extremly fast -Probelms are solved in the next coming releases -Ideas are also implementet in near future releases ☹Sometimes we faced problems with the update to a new Version
Ralf K.
Ralf K.
Discover the Undiscovered At the end of the day JDISC is a real time-saver and watchguard over your networks changes in structure and configuration. I stopped looking at workplace systems. JDISC is just a few mouseclicks away. ☺Stumbling into a unknown and not well documented Network, Jdisc provided me with a fast and nearly complete overall view in hours. But that's only the first step. We use JDISC now to keep track of asset and network changes directly into i-doit CMDB. Beside frequently updates bringing not only bug-fixes but also a lot of support for many common and exotic hard- and software, the outstanding Support has to be mentioned. ☹Frequently Updates soon become a challenge, since updates have to be applicationlied manualy; sorry nno in-application-updates. Also I would like to see a linux-based edition.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Environment discovery in perfect price/value relationship ☺The user interface is well designed, intuitive and very responsive. Data that has been gathered is in good shape and correct. Custom reports allow to export any information based on a rich criteria builder. Advanced users can query the underlying database directly as the database schema is available if wanted. A GraphQL API offers a possibility to query data like other REST APIs. The software is continuously updated and brings beside of new features, minor fixes also more patterns for device identification. Users can request new features and questions are answered quickly. ☹The web-interface is under development. However, the implementation started not long time ago and is proceeding weekly 🙂
Pierre P.
Pierre P.
Simply inventory ☺JDisc is very simple and limited to what it should do. Many manufacturers also try to cover many other areas and then you easily lose the track. The support of JDisc is very good and fast. ☹Devices that have been recorded should perhaps be slightly more customizable
Pratik P.
Pratik P.
Great discovery tool ☺Discovery of all devices on network. Picked up unknown devices on network very well. ☹No web UI. The discovery tool helps with customer whom have no tools in place in their environment.
Neil F.
Neil F.
Great Product ☺JDisc gets really good, accurate and reliable data; generally beyond what I have seen in other tools. ☹I'd like to see a metering/usage functionality in the longer term
Dominik M.
Dominik M.
Top product for filling CMDB We has to fill a cmdb with our IT infratructure items. And we want to get automatically new devices into it. This tool saves nearly 1,5 personal ressource for mantaining the cmdb. ☺The software fill automated the cmdb. That saves a lot of time and ressources in the IT department to document the Infrastructure. ☹Never seen a so good and fast support! Bug or nessesarry changes will be applied into application within 2 Weeks.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Great tools to improve your infrastructure or purchasing needs! It's a great tool with a lot of features. You can use ist with a lot of other tools. ☺The network dependency addon which maps automatically the network with his structure. It increases our amount of documentary work over 60 %. Same on asset side. ☹The Software ist very smart, with a Little Training easy to use. Has a lot of possible usecases combined with a cmdb tool. Our main tool to get a nearly automated overview over our infrastructure.

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