Sales Approach: Why the path to a new inventory tool is so important to us.

Just one click to purchase a software. Might be good for us as a software vendor, but that is not what we really want. The entire company is committed to a transparent sales approach. It is our highest priority that our customers always feel comfortable. And this starts already when interest in our software is shown. We want to support every prospective customer in the decision to buy our software in the best possible and personal way, no matter if in the end, the decision is a “yes” to JDisc Discovery or a “no”. Our sales approach ultimate goal is to add value for potential buyers. That’s how our sales process works:

Sales Approach


1st step:
You’re interested in our software and because we don’t want anyone to buy a pig in a poke, we strongly recommend testing JDisc Discovery first with all features in your whole environment. So, the first step is: Download the software.

2nd step:
Install the software and request an extended test license. The software comes with a 25 devices license, but the extended test license will be able to cover your whole network!

3rd step:
Now the software is ready to use. In order not to waste a lot of time in reading documents and to be able to start testing directly, our team of experts is always happy to help with the initial setup of JDisc Discovery.  Here we already rely on personal contact, but we also offer some tutorials on our YouTube channel, many already answered questions in the FAQs of our website. Basically, the download package also includes a ‘Getting Started Guide’.

Step 4:
After the installation and initial configuration, you can test JDisc Discovery extensively. It is very important to us that this is done in the network where the software will be used after purchase. The special feature is: The software can be tested in the WHOLE network and is NOT limited to a few devices. And in order to check out all features, the license has no feature limitations but is only limited for a couple of weeks. We give our confidence to the prospective customers that after some time feedback will come. We are also happy to schedule a personal introduction to the tool.

Step 5:
In a personal review meeting, there is the possibility to give us feedback about JDisc Discovery after the test phase. The feedback is also important to us because only through various feedbacks we can respond particularly well to customer needs, to further develop the software, or to integrate new features. Therefore, we are receptive to critical feedback. In the personal review meeting, we also discuss whether everything works as the prospective customer had imagined. We also review the results and take a look at the configuration.

Step 6:
Does the software meet all the prospect’s needs and requirements?
Following the review meeting, we give each tester the time they need to make a decision. Of course, we are always available to answer any questions during this phase!

Step 7:
After the test phase, you will have two important findings:

  1. Does the software work as you expect and does it fulfil your requirements?
  2. What’s the price for the software license or subscription?

If everything works and runs to your full satisfaction, we adapt the license to our prospective customers so that each of them receives an individual offer from us. Scanning the entire network in the test provides us with the figures we need to calculate the final price. An understandable and clear presentation of price and performance gives the prospective customer an idea of what to expect. No one must buy a pig in a poke and there are no hidden costs.  The purchase can be completed.

Step 8:
Often buyers are left out in the cold after purchasing a product or software and must fight their way through any problems that may arise. JDisc follows a different way. If there is a problem or help is needed – We are ready to assist in issues and listen to your enhancement requests. And this of course also after the purchase has been completed. In addition, the team takes care of further development of the software and new versions are released every week!

We want to respond individually to each customer and their needs, and this is only possible through close cooperation with them. It is essential for us that people feel well-advised by our team of experts and that they can trust us. Therefore, we focus especially on the specific solution of customer problems and the benefit of our software for your network. Our extensive sales process gives every potential customer ample opportunity to get to know our software and our company. And we have the chance to demonstrate that the customer’s wishes and needs regarding JDisc Discovery are our focus.

About The Author

Thomas Trenz
I own and manage JDisc and its network inventory and discovery products. Before I started JDisc, I worked quite a long time for Hewlett-Packard developing software for network assessments and inventory projects. Feel free to contact me on Linked-In or Xing.

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