Fibre Channel Interface Discovery and Fibre Channel Topology

fibre channel discovery

fibre channel discoveryDear JDisc friends,
with build 4057, we have further improved the discovery of fibre channel interfaces. We determine the list of fibre channel interfaces for VMware ESX servers or for vcenter installations. In the future, we are going to add the fibre channel interface discovery to more devices as we find them.

Furthermore, we enhanced our networking add-on. We are going to read the fibre channel interfaces for Brocade or (OEMed Brocade) FC switch. Furthermore, we determine the fibre channel topology information from the Brocade switches. This enables JDisc Discovery to create the fibre channel topology when we find the connecting WWNs within our database.

The following diagrams displays two Brocade switches and the ESX servers which are connected with each of the fibre channel switches. In the upper area, we have one of the disk array controllers of a Dell Unity disk array. The disk array controller has two fibre channel interfaces and is connected to each of the fibre channel switches. Fibre channel interfaces are highlighed as stroked line in blue.

fibre channel topology

Fibre Channel Topology

Although, we are already getting the fibre channel interfaces for some devices, we are not getting them yet for all. So please contact us whenever you have a device with fibre channel interfaces and we’re not getting them. We will try to find out how to determine the list of FC interfaces.

This feature has been developed with the help of one of our customers and I want to send a big “THANK YOU” to G.W. 😉 and thanks for the great evening in the escape room 🙂

The fibre channel discovery will be part of build 4057 coming on the 21st of October 2018.

Hope you like it…


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