The last Step to secure Network Discovery

IT Service Management (ITSM) needs reliable and current data, be it for service monitoring, IT documentation or help desk systems. Therefore a reliable current network discovery with very good-quality is absolutely necessary. Like monitoring systems, a network discovery system needs privileged access to the monitored systems in the environment to fulfill its important function. Agent-less[...]
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JDisc Discovery integrates with Thycotic’s SecretServer

Dear JDisc users, just recently, we have added support for the CyberArk solution for managing accounts and passwords within your enterprise. Due to customer requests, we have integrated the Thycotic second password management tool. Your passwords are no longer stored within JDisc Discovery’s database but stay in the Thycotic SecretServer. JDisc Discovery only requests the[...]
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Local User Password Information

Dear JDisc Users, we have extended our Security Add-On to collect information about local users and their password information. The issue with local users is that they are difficult to control. For users who are part of a Windows domain, it is pretty simple to configure policies to change the password on a regular basis.[...]
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Discovery for Operational Security & Audits

Disocvery for Operational Security
In this second blog post on the role of discovery for security, we will focus on operational security (OpSec), that is the security activities in the phase when the product or system is in operation and use. We assume, that all supporting assets of the system have been deployed and secured as planned in the[...]
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Discovery for Security Processes

Discovery in Security Process
Beyond integration into CMDB, there are many other areas, where discovery can be of immense value. One such pretty unknown area is It security.Discovery as part of ITIL asset management is also a foundation building block for security. In this first part of two videos regarding security use cases for discovery, we look at how[...]
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Cyberattacke auf den deutschen Bundestag

Wie eine Inventarisierungssoftware Risiken und Auswirkungen einer Cyberattacke wie die auf den deutschen Bundestag minimieren kann   Viele dürften es in der Presse verfolgt haben. Ein Hackerangriff auf das Netzwerk und die Rechner des Deutschen Bundestags hat für viel Wirbel und Empörung bis in die höchsten Regierungskreise gesorgt. Unbekannten Angreifern ist es gelungen, in großem[...]
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