Getting Snapshot Information for VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix Xen Server

Virtual Machine Snapshots
Dear JDisc friends, we have added a new feature to collect snapshot information for virtual machines. In virtual environments, users can create so called snapshots for their virtual machines. A snapshot saves a virtual machine’s the disk and memory configuration. Later you can revert to a saved snapshot. That makes it easy to revert to[...]
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Discovery using a Jumphost

Dear JDisc friends, in many cases, firewalls are protecting specific areas of your network. Administrators often use so called jumphosts in order to access devices behind the firewall. They connect first to the jumphost and then use the jumphost to connect to the servers behind the firewall. JDisc Discovery lets you configure a jumphost to scan[...]
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JDisc Discovery 2.7 has been released today…

Time for a new network documentation release
It’s time for a new release! We are proud to announce the version 2.7 of our network inventory and documentation solution JDisc Discovery. This release incorporates many features and ideas that I mentioned in some of my previous blog entries. New in release 2.7 is the possibility to compare two devices. This helps administrators to[...]
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Hidden Treasures – Part 1

Rule based suggestions for an improved discovery result
Dear JDisc friends, we think, that JDisc Discovery is a pretty cool network documentation product. I will present with “Hidden Treasures” some not so well known features within this blog and I hope that it’ll help to maximize the value created by JDisc. Starting a network inventory project is usually an iterative process. You start[...]
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JDisc Discovery 2.6 is released!

  We are happy to announce the new major release 2.6 of our network inventory and documentation solution “JDisc Discovery”! As usual, our development engineers added many new stunning features where most of them were inspired by discussions with our customers. The new features cover three main topics. 1. Tracking Changes The bigger networks grow,[...]
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