Integrated Partner Solution – Canfigure

Vendor URL: is a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) including fully integrated change, incident, problem and service management, designed according to ITIL principles.

JDisc Discovery is an ideal companion for supaTOOLS, allowing automated, real-time updates of the CMDB from discovery data using supaTOOLS’s JDisc connector. The combination of these tools provides a fully integrated ITSM solution.

The last thing you need is a complex tool for managing your infrastructure, which is why we’ve focused on making supaTOOLS easy to use without sacrificing functionality or quality.

supaTOOLS supports a wide variety of customizable Configuration Items (CIs), to enable you to map your infrastructure at physical and logical layers. The CI relationships can be viewed from multiple angles, giving you the immediate ability to see dependencies between items and the impact of an outage.

Sample relationship view: