JDisc Discovery integrates with Thycotic’s SecretServer

Dear JDisc users, just recently, we have added support for the CyberArk solution for managing accounts and passwords within your enterprise. Due to customer requests, we have integrated the Thycotic second password management tool. Your passwords are no longer stored within JDisc Discovery’s database but stay in the Thycotic SecretServer. JDisc Discovery only requests the[...]
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SH(adow)IT happens!

Nowadays, many employees and professionals develop their own solutions for business processes. In most cases, information technology systems are installed or integrated on their own without being officially controlled and approved by the IT department. Both individual employees and entire departments can use so-called shadow IT. IT systems used secretly include software and hardware. Examples[...]
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Use-Cases for Upload API

JDisc Discovery has a new upload API using the importManager mutation in GraphQL. While the most common operation is to query data that has been discovered in a previous discovery run via a GraphQL query, the upload API mutation currently allows to add devices to the inventory from the outside of the JDisc server. Other[...]
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New Feature: Antivirus Software Discovery

Dear JDisc friends, based on several customer enhancement requests, we have extended our Security Add-On to scan the list of installed Antivirus software together with its enabled state and its updated state. The updated state defines whether the Antivirus definition files are up-to-date. This new feature offers a good overview over the Antivirus software used[...]
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JDisc Discovery & i-doit CMDB – 1 Solution, 2 Parts

JDisc Discovery & i-doit CMDB
i-doit is a CMDB solution with many add-ons for use cases such as IT service management, IT documentation, IT asset management and Information security management system (ISMS). Since many years, JDisc and i-doit have a close partnership to provide the capabilities of JDisc Discovery to i-doit customers. Both applications are best-of-class solutions in their space[...]
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Discovery for Software Bill of Material (SBOM)

Discovery for SBOM
The concept of a bill of material comes originally from manufacturing where you have a plan of the piece of hardware on which you list all parts needed to construct and build the asset. A software bill of materials (SBOM) is the same just for software, a list of all components that make up a[...]
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JDisc Discovery GraphQL API

Did you know that JDisc Discovery has a API for programmatic access of all the discovery data and functionality? In this article we want to introduce this programming interface and have a deeper look at the how to use it with various programming languages. Most often application have today RESTful APIs, that follow the REST[...]
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Data Quality in Discovery

Data quality for discovery
The quality of data one gets out of a discovery process is extremely important for everything one does with that data. Bad data means bad decisions and acceptance for systems making use of the data. Examples we saw in the articles and videos on CMDB integration and security process and operations were always stressing this[...]
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Discovery for Operational Security & Audits

Disocvery for Operational Security
In this second blog post on the role of discovery for security, we will focus on operational security (OpSec), that is the security activities in the phase when the product or system is in operation and use. We assume, that all supporting assets of the system have been deployed and secured as planned in the[...]
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